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Entertainment Lenny The Wonder Dog (2005)

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Lenny The Wonder Dog
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Title: Lenny The Wonder Dog

Tagline: He's a talking dog and everyone's after him.

Genre: Family,Comedy,Adventure

Director: Stav Ozdoba,Oren Goldman

Cast: Andy Richter,Sammy Kahn,Craig Ferguson,Oscar Isaac,Joe Morton,Michael Winslow,Jeff Chase

Status: Released

Release: 2005-08-23

Runtime: 84

Plot: After being implanted with a microchip that gives him special powers, a dog engages a young boy in conversation and adventure. Befriended by a local police officer, the dog, the boy and his friend go on a quest to save the world by undoing the insidious plot of an evil scientist to turn all kids into mindless robots.

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Cast Crew

    • Andy Richter

    • Sammy Kahn

    • Sammy Zahn

    • Craig Ferguson

      Dr. Richard Wagner
    • Oscar Isaac

    • Joe Morton

      Dr. Island
    • Michael Winslow

      John Wyndham
    • Jeff Chase

    • Oren Goldman (Directing)

    • Stav Ozdoba (Directing)

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