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Entertainment Minions: The Rise of Gru (2021)

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Minions: The Rise of Gru
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Title: Minions: The Rise of Gru

Tagline: A villain will rise.

Genre: Animation,Comedy,Family,Adventure

Director: Kyle Balda

Cast: Steve Carell,Pierre Coffin,Alan Arkin,Taraji P. Henson,Michelle Yeoh,Julie Andrews,Russell Brand,Jean-Claude Van Damme,Dolph Lundgren,Danny Trejo,Lucy Lawless,Jimmy O. Yang,Kevin Michael Richardson,John DiMaggio,RZA,Michael Beattie,Will Arnett,Steve Coogan,Colette Whitaker,Raymond S. Persi,Kyle Balda,Bob Bergen,Beau Billingslea,Cathy Cavadini,David Chen,Will Collyer,Meilee Condron,Antonio Raul Corbo,Debi Derryberry,Scarlett Estevez,Kellen Goff,Jake Green,Isa Hall,Ramone Hamilton,Aaron Hendry,Barbara Harris,JP Karliak,Evan Kishiyama,Sam Lavagnino,Dawnn Lewis,Amari McCoy,Levi Nunez,Benjamin Plessala,Alex Puccinelli,David J. Randolph,Carla Rempp,Nev Scharrel,James Sie,Mindy Sterling,Fred Tatasciore,Regina Taufen,Nisa Ward,Debra Wilson,Nora Wyman

Status: Released

Release: 2022-06-29

Runtime: 87

Plot: A fanboy of a supervillain supergroup known as the Vicious 6, Gru hatches a plan to become evil enough to join them, with the backup of his followers, the Minions.

Production companies

Trailer Cast Crew Videos

    • Steve Carell

      Gru (voice)
    • Pierre Coffin

      Kevin / Stuart / Bob / Minions (voice)
    • Alan Arkin

      Wild Knuckles (voice)
    • Taraji P. Henson

      Belle Bottom (voice)
    • Michelle Yeoh

      Master Chow (voice)
    • Julie Andrews

      Gru's Mom (voice)
    • Russell Brand

      Dr. Nefario (voice)
    • Jean-Claude Van Damme

      Jean Clawed (voice)
    • Dolph Lundgren

      Svengeance (voice)
    • Danny Trejo

      Stronghold (voice)
    • Lucy Lawless

      Nun-Chuck (voice)
    • Jimmy O. Yang

      Henchman 1 (voice)
    • Kevin Michael Richardson

      Henchman 2 (voice)
    • John DiMaggio

      Henchman 3 (voice)
    • RZA

      Biker (voice)
    • Michael Beattie

      VNC Announcer / Guru Rick (voice)
    • Will Arnett

      Mr. Perkins (voice)
    • Steve Coogan

      Silas Ramsbottom (voice)
    • Colette Whitaker

      Gru's Teacher (voice)
    • Raymond S. Persi

      Birthday Kid (voice)
    • Kyle Balda

      Additional Voices (voice)
    • Bob Bergen

      Additional Voices (voice)
    • Beau Billingslea

      Additional Voices (voice)
    • Cathy Cavadini

      Additional Voices (voice)
    • David Chen

      Additional Voices (voice)
    • Will Collyer

      Additional Voices (voice)
    • Meilee Condron

      Additional Voices (voice)
    • Antonio Raul Corbo

      Additional Voices (voice)
    • Debi Derryberry

      Additional Voices (voice)
    • Scarlett Estevez

      Additional Voices (voice)
    • Richard Gould (Sound)

      Foley Editor
    • Heikki Kossi (Sound)

      Foley Artist
    • Claire Dodgson (Editing)

    • Mark Koetsier (Art)

      Storyboard Artist
    • Christopher Flick (Sound)

      Foley Supervisor
    • Steve Slanec (Sound)

      Supervising Sound Editor
    • Andre Zweers (Sound)

      Sound Effects Editor
    • Habib Louati (Art)

      Storyboard Artist
    • Matthew Fogel (Writing)

    • Kari Vähäkuopus (Sound)

      Foley Recordist
    • Jean-Luc Florinda (Production)

    • Patrick Muylkens (Visual Effects)

      Color Designer
    • Darren Webb (Art)

      Storyboard Artist
    • Thierry Fournier (Art)

      Art Direction
    • Kelly Lake (Production)

      Associate Producer
    • Edwin Rhemrev (Art)

      Set Designer
    • James Spencer (Sound)

      Dialogue Editor
    • Michael Rivera (Sound)

      ADR Mixer
    • Kevin Parker (Sound)

    • Matthieu Gosselin (Art)

      Art Direction
    • Nima Azarba (Art)

      Storyboard Artist
    • Jérémie Droulers (Art)

    • Claire Lentz (Visual Effects)

      Color Designer
    • James Moreau (Art)

      Graphic Designer
    • Jason Butler (Sound)

      Foley Recordist
    • Jack Antonoff (Sound)

      Music Producer
    • Carter Goodrich (Visual Effects)

      Character Designer
    • Kyle Balda (Directing)

    • Diana Ross (Sound)

    • Cinco Paul (Writing)

    • Get Ready

      • Teaser
    • Official Trailer

      • Trailer
    • Official Trailer 2

      • Trailer
    • Official Trailer 3

      • Trailer
    • Yours to Own

      • Teaser
    • I am Pretty Despicable! Extended Preview

      • Clip
    • The Minions Learn Kung Fu

      • Clip
    • The Minions Take on the Vicious 6 - Animal Style

      • Clip
    • The Vicious 6 - Extended Preview

      • Clip
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