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Entertainment Monster High: The Movie (2022)

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Monster High: The Movie
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Title: Monster High: The Movie

Tagline: Skull's in session.

Genre: Family,Fantasy,Comedy,Adventure

Director: Todd Holland

Cast: Miia Harris,Ceci Balagot,Nayah Damasen,Jy Prishkulnik,Case Walker,Justin Derickson,Scotch Ellis Loring,Steve Valentine,Marci T. House,Kyle Selig,Lina Lecompte,Lilah Fitzgerald,Nasiv Sall,Natasha Legerro,Ajay Banks,Ayden Liebich,Mila Jones,Allison Klause,Arianna Bent,Artemis Pebdani,Brian Dobson,Karina Bromberg,Kaleah Crump,Abbygale Chung,Tori Wakaluk,Darian Mark,Andrew Kyrzyk,Connor Wong,Zavien Garrett,Dominique Mailloux,Milaina Chanel,Sam Scherzer,Dreyden Free,Breyanna Oldham,Autumn Thorn,Alexandre Deakin,Ajay Musodi

Status: Released

Release: 2022-10-06

Runtime: 89

Plot: Clawdeen Wolf, half human and half werewolf, has recently started attending Monster High, a school for monsters in all forms. After quickly befriending her classmates Frankie Stein and Draculaura, Clawdeen feels like she has finally found a place where she can truly be herself, or so she thinks. Soon, a devious plan to destroy Monster High threatens to reveal her real identity and Clawdeen must learn to embrace her true monster heart before it's too late.

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Trailer Cast Crew Videos

    • Miia Harris

      Clawdeen Wolf
    • Ceci Balagot

      Frankie Stein
    • Nayah Damasen

    • Jy Prishkulnik

      Cleo De Nile
    • Case Walker

      Deuce Gorgon
    • Justin Derickson

      Heath Burns
    • Scotch Ellis Loring

      Apollo Wolf / Pierre
    • Steve Valentine

    • Marci T. House

      Headmistress Bloodgood
    • Kyle Selig

      Mr. Komos
    • Lina Lecompte

      Lagoona Blue
    • Lilah Fitzgerald

      Ghoulia Yelps
    • Tanya Carter

    • Nasiv Sall

      Abbey Bominable
    • Natasha Legerro

    • Ajay Banks

    • Abbygail Chung

    • Ayden Liebich

    • Mila Jones

      Little Kid
    • Allison Klause

      Little Kid’s Mom
    • Arianna Bent

    • Artemis Pebdani

    • Brian Dobson

    • Karina Bromberg

      Classroom Dancer
    • Kaleah Crump

      Classroom Dancer
    • Abbygale Chung

      Classroom Dancer
    • Tori Wakaluk

      Classroom Dancer
    • Darian Mark

      Classroom Dancer
    • Andrew Kyrzyk

      Classroom Dancer
    • Connor Wong

      Classroom Dancer
    • Sunna Wehrmeijer (Sound)

      Original Music Composer
    • Andrew Underberg (Sound)

    • Matthew Tishler (Sound)

    • Joachim Svare (Sound)

    • Jeannie Lurie (Sound)

    • Melanie Fontana (Sound)

    • Joleen Belle (Sound)

    • Phil Breman (Production)

      Executive Producer
    • David Magee (Production)

    • Fred Soulie (Production)

      Executive Producer
    • Shawn Williamson (Production)

      Executive Producer
    • Adam Bonnett (Production)

      Executive Producer
    • Arielle Boisvert (Production)

      Executive Producer
    • Jason Oremland (Writing)

    • Jenny Jaffe (Writing)

    • Matt Eddy (Writing)

    • Billy Eddy (Writing)

    • Gordon Rempel (Editing)

    • Todd Holland (Production)

      Executive Producer
    • Greg Erb (Writing)

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    • Draculaura

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    • Frankie

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    • Deuce

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