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Entertainment Rubble & Crew (2023)

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Rubble & Crew
5.00 star(s)
5.00/5 1 Votes

Genre: Kids,Animation

Director: Bradley Zweig

First aired:

Last air date:

Show status: Returning Series

Overview: Follow Rubble and his pup family as they use their awesome construction vehicles to build and repair whatever the town of Builder Cove needs in high-stakes adventures.

Production companies

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Trailer Cast Crew Videos

    • Shazdeh Kapadia

      Total episodes: 60
    • Luxton Handspiker

      Total episodes: 60
    • Alessandro Pugiotto

      Total episodes: 60
    • Alberta Bolan

      Total episodes: 60
    • Liam McKenna

      Total episodes: 19
    • Evan Sinclair (Writing)

    • Scott Gray (Writing)

    • Toni Stevens (Production)

    • Richard Doman (Editing)

    • Thomas Kim (Visual Effects)

    • Jonah Stroh (Production)

    • Madelyn Southward (Sound)

    • Katie Pagacz (Sound)

    • Mike Himelstein (Sound)

    • Ronnen Harary (Production)

    • Leah Wolfson (Production)

    • Louise Moon (Writing)

    • Laura Graca (Visual Effects)

    • Mile Saric (Visual Effects)

    • Maryanne Teng (Visual Effects)

    • Anna Wagner-Lopez (Visual Effects)

    • Luke Dante (Sound)

    • Kyle Peters (Sound)

    • Patton Rodrigues (Sound)

    • Hugh Duffy (Writing)

    • Richard Spence-Thomas (Sound)

    • Laura Clunie (Production)

    • Robin J. Stein (Writing)

    • Bradley Zweig (Writing)

    • Dan Mokriy (Production)

    • Alex Geringas (Sound)

    • Jennifer Dodge (Production)

    • Gillian Pike (Production)

    • Dianna Basso (Directing)

    • Sarah Serata (Production)

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Rubble & Crew
The Crew Builds a Bridge
Season: 1
Episode: 1
Air date: 2023-02-03

Rubble and his construction pup family gear up to build a bridge, only to find the villainous Speed Meister has a different idea. It's up to the Rubble & Crew to work together and save the day by building a new, safe bridge to Builder Cove.