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Entertainment Saving Christmas (2017)

Saving Christmas
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Title: Saving Christmas

Tagline: What if Santa came to town... and stayed?!

Genre: Family

Director: Tom DeNucci

Cast: Ed Asner, Brooke Langton, Patrick Muldoon, Lindsey Blanchard, Edilsy Vargas, David Heath, Jack Brunault, David Gere, Michael Bennett, Michael Zuccola, Chelsea Vale, Sama Fernands

Status: Released

Release: 2017-11-06

Runtime: 88

Plot: A young boy, Danny, tries to prove the existence of Santa by using his intelligence and gadgets. He and his trusted group go on an intense journey to find the truth of Santa.

Where to watch

Trailer Cast Crew Videos

    • Ed Asner

    • Brooke Langton

    • Patrick Muldoon

    • Lindsey Blanchard

    • Edilsy Vargas

    • David Heath

      Tucker Von Magnus
    • Jack Brunault

    • David Gere

      DG Haven
    • Michael Bennett

      Max Miracle
    • Michael Zuccola

    • Chelsea Vale

    • Claudio Orefice

    • Sama Fernands

      Receptionist / Hairdresser / Wrestling Spectator (as Samantha Fernands)
    • Gary Wolfenden

      DG Haven Heckler
    • Lexi White

      Ice Rink Worker
    • Fred Sullivan

      Big John Pelser
    • Michael Rielly

      Wrestling Fan
    • Stefan Puente (Production)

      Production Assistant
    • Chelsea Vale (Production)

    • Kevin DeCristofano (Writing)

    • Tom DeNucci (Directing)

    • Joseph Verrastro (Production)

      Associate Producer
    • Paul Luba (Production)

      Production Assistant
    • David Gere (Production)

    • SAVING CHRISTMAS | (2017) | Official HD Trailer

      • Trailer
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