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Entertainment Soccer Dog 2: European Cup (2004)

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Soccer Dog 2: European Cup
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Title: Soccer Dog 2: European Cup

Genre: Family

Director: Sandy Tung

Cast: Nick Moran,Jake Thomas,Lori Heuring,Scott Cleverdon,Orson Bean,Frank Simons,Jeremy Howard,Jack McGee,Darren Keefe Reiher,Tony Collins,Eric Don,J.B. Ghuman Jr.,Vince Grant,Eric Jacobs,John Kassir

Status: Released

Release: 2004-08-03

Plot: Soccer Dog: European Cup opens with the titular hero, Kimble, escaping the clutches of an evil scientist, bent on performing animal experiments. Our plucky canine hero then falls into the hands of Zack (Jake Thomas), an American boy who's been brought to Scotland after the death of his mother to be reunited with the father he never knew, Brian (Nick Moran). After a bumpy introduction, father and son eventually connect by playing soccer together, and when the unusually nimble Kimble storms onto the field one day, their lives change forever.

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Cast Crew

    • Nick Moran

      Bryan MacGreggor
    • Jake Thomas

      Zach Connolly
    • Lori Heuring

      Veronica Matthews
    • Scott Cleverdon

      Alex Foote
    • Orson Bean

      Mayor Milton Gallagher
    • Frank Simons

      Dr. Oddlike
    • Jeremy Howard

    • Jack McGee

    • Darren Keefe

      William Wallace
    • Darren Keefe Reiher

      William Wallace
    • Tony Collins

    • Eric Don

    • J.B. Ghuman Jr.

    • Vince Grant

      Roy Richardson
    • Eric Jacobs

    • John Kassir

    • Sandy Tung (Directing)

    • John E. Deaver (Writing)

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