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Entertainment The Casagrandes (2019)

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The Casagrandes
5.00 star(s)
5.00/5 2 Votes

Genre: Animation,Kids,Comedy,Family

Director: Michael Rubiner

First aired:

Last air date:

Show status: Ended

Overview: The Casagrandes tells the story of Ronnie Anne, an independent, adventurous, 11-year-old who explores city life with her big, loving, multi-generational Mexican-American family.

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Cast Crew

    • Melissa Joan Hart

      Total episodes: 112
    • Ken Jeong

      Total episodes: 112
    • Carlos PenaVega

      Total episodes: 112
    • Eugenio Derbez

      Total episodes: 112
    • Izabella Alvarez

      Total episodes: 112
    • Leah Mei Gold

      Total episodes: 112
    • Lexi Sexton

      Total episodes: 112
    • George Lopez

      Total episodes: 1
    • Cristela Alonzo

      Total episodes: 1
    • Ally Brooke

      Total episodes: 1
    • Lalo Alcaraz (Writing)

      Total episodes: 3
    • Laura Sreebny (Writing)

    • Julieta Colás (Art)

    • Nikki Taguilas (Writing)

    • Heidi Lux (Writing)

    • Rebeca B. Delgado (Writing)

    • Isabel Galupo (Writing)

    • Mike Nordstrom (Directing)

    • Miguel Puga (Writing)

    • Whitney Wetta (Writing)

    • Alec Schwimmer (Writing)

    • Michael Molina (Writing)

    • Adeline Colangelo (Writing)

    • Alejandro Bien-Willner (Writing)

    • Leah Longoria (Writing)

    • Gloria Shen (Writing)

    • Han-Yee Ling (Writing)

    • Lalo Alcaraz (Writing)

    • Richard Goodman (Writing)

    • Chris Savino (Writing)

    • Rosemary Contreras (Writing)

Show information in first post provided by The Movie Database
The Casagrandes
The Horror-Scope
Season: 1
Episode: 7
Air date: 2019-11-09

Guest stars: George Lopez
Ronnie Anne doesn't believe in an astrological prediction that "love will find her," until it seems to come true. Guest Starring: George Lopez