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Entertainment The School of the Magical Animals (2021)

The School of the Magical Animals
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Title: The School of the Magical Animals

Tagline: A magical adventure

Genre: Family,Adventure,Fantasy

Director: Gregor Schnitzler

Cast: Emilia Maier,Leonard Artur Conrads,Loris Sichrovsky,Nadja Uhl,Justus von Dohnányi,Heiko Pinkowski,Marleen Lohse,Milan Peschel,Max von der Groeben,Katharina Thalbach,Sophie Rois,Levi Kazmaier,Thilo Fridolin Matthes,Emil Mascheck,Tristan Schreck,Lauri Kröck,Rike Schmid,Jakob Weingärtner,Lilith Julie Johna

Status: Released

Release: 2021-10-14

Runtime: 93

Plot: Ida has a hard time making friends. One day, her weird class teacher announces that everyone in the class will have a magical animal with them. Ida is put to the side of the fox Rabbat. Benni, just like Ida also an outsider, has the turtle Henrietta as a new companion. Together they have amazing adventures ahead of them, but will they be able to fulfill the main requirement of the "Magic Pet Shop": to keep their new friends a secret from adults?

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Trailer Cast Crew Videos

    • Emilia Maier

      Ida Kronenberg
    • Leonard Artur Conrads

      Benjamin Schubert
    • Loris Sichrovsky

      Jo Wieland
    • Nadja Uhl

      Mary Cornfield
    • Justus von Dohnányi

      Heribert Siegmann
    • Heiko Pinkowski

      Willi Wondraschek
    • Marleen Lohse

      Elvira Kronenberg
    • Milan Peschel

      Mortimer Morrison
    • Max von der Groeben

      Rabbat (voice)
    • Katharina Thalbach

      Henrietta (voice)
    • Sophie Rois

      Pinkie (voice)
    • Levi Kazmaier

      Henry von Waldenfels
    • Thilo Fridolin Matthes

      Max Kramer
    • Emil Mascheck

    • Tristan Schreck

      Eddie Petersen
    • Lauri Kröck

      Lothar Roggenthiel
    • Rike Schmid

      Jos Mama
    • Jakob Weingärtner

      Samuel Trewes
    • Lilith Julie Johna

      Anna-Lena Zink
    • Zaz Montana (Editing)

      Lead Editor
    • Cosima von Spreti (Production)

    • Dominik Giesriegl (Sound)

      Original Music Composer
    • Wolfgang Aichholzer (Camera)

      Director of Photography
    • John Chambers (Writing)

    • Josef Brandmaier (Production)

      Executive Producer
    • Alexandra Kordes (Production)

    • Margit Auer (Writing)

      Original Story
    • Viola Schmidt (Writing)

    • Tom Sternitzke (Production)

      Line Producer
    • Hans-Jürgen Bubser (Production)

    • Veit Heiduschka (Production)

    • Michael Katz (Production)

    • Gregor Schnitzler (Directing)

    • Laura Clever (Production)

    • Karima Eddabyani (Production)

      Coordinating Producer
    • Herbert Kloiber (Production)

    • Oliver Schütte (Writing)

      Script Consultant
    • Fred Kogel (Production)

      Executive Producer
    • Alexander Dydyna (Writing)

    • Meike Kordes (Production)

    • Stefanie Miftari (Production)

      Coordinating Producer
    • Anna Niebert (Production)

      Coordinating Producer
    • Christa Preisinger (Production)

    • Emine Yesilkaya (Production)

      Producer's Assistant
    • School of Magical Animals_trailer_English subtitled

      • Trailer
    • Official US Trailer [Dubbed]

      • Trailer
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