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Papa John For XXL

Retail Papa John For XXL v1.2

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Eat and Make Pizza for your city in Cities XL and Cities XXL
Game Version(s)
  1. Cities XL 2011
  2. Cities XL 2012
  3. Cities XL Platinum
  4. Cities XXL
Installation Pre-requiste(s)
  1. Cities XXL Community Patch Mod
  2. Tag.cfg
  3. XL Nation Furniture Dependency Pack
Geographical Tag(s)
  1. North America
Common Era Tag(s)
  1. 1950 to 2000
Architectural Style Tag(s)
  1. Modern
[CountriesXL] Papa John For XXL By 1

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  • [CountriesXL] Papa John For XXL By 1
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  • [CountriesXL] Papa John For XXL By 1
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