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RHM addon

Transit RHM addon 1.01

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Original author: alvinheriadi
  • Author Author CountriesXL
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Game Version(s)
  1. Cities XXL
Installation Pre-requiste(s)
  1. Cities XXL Community Patch Mod
Geographical Tag(s)
  1. North America
All credits to the original author, alvinheriadi. Changes make it Cities XXL compatible with updated tags.

Download the patch file and put it in your paks folder as usual.

Installation Pre-requisite:
You must have XXL Realistic Highway Mod 2.0 installed

Adds 14 new connectors to the RHM. Can be found in Trasportation> Fast Lanes> Custom Content Button
-- wcpaeb

RHM Addon is optional content for RHM. It's not essential but this mod add some realism. All puzzle piece is 100% working but cars cannot pass through connectors. Enjoy this addon!

Note: These are RHM addon, not original Pitty's RHM.


RHM addon Vol 01 - Fixed default road 4+2 -> 5 piece pathing and updated to v1.01. I experiencing this pathing glitch when testing.

9 one lane exits and entrances without exit lanes required. Make it more easier to construct exits.
5 two lane exits and entrances with only 1 exit lane.

RHM addon Vol 02 not avaible yet. See the development thread for more information. No Release date at this moment.
And the upcoming Vol 02 Features. It's focus on RHW's Cosmetic Pieces.

New alternative transitions and longer version of this transition
Arrows. Recover the unreleased arrow
New alternative texture.


Pitty, the original RHM author. and his template model and textures.

(c) Pitty for edited models, edited .class and edited .layout

Installation Pre-requisite:
Realistic Highway Mod 2.0 By Pitty. Without this will be not functional
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