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Singleplayer Trade Mod

General Singleplayer Trade Mod v1.0.4

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This mod changes the prices for buying and selling tokens (with OmniCorp) in the solo game. It also
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Game Version(s)
  1. Cities XL 2009
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  1. XL User Interface Mod
Hello Community.

How many would now like a mod, which in the Solospiel the fixed prices of OmniCorp in the trade changes.

Note: This is a solo solo mod. There is no effect in the multiplayer game .

Unfortunately the finding of "fair" prices proved to be extremely difficult. The reason for this is that the economic cycle in CitiesXL is very interrelated and cycles occur.

I have made a calculation based on T2 buildings. This included the maintenance costs of the buildings, resource consumption (see building list ) and the quantity numbers that are placed in tokens (see token list ).

There were some surprises that I had not expected. Especially in offices, waste disposal, water and tourism. A cost calculation for "workers" is particularly difficult as this depends on a large number of parameters. The prices I have chosen are a personal assessment since this area is not eligible for any calculation.

Almost all prices are in the purchase, but also in the sale much cheaper. I have used the ascertained token price with + / -% 50 for the selling price or purchasing price.

The values are now at:

Workers (unqualified) - Sales: 25,

Purchasing: 70Workers (qualified) - Sales: 30,

Purchasing: 90

Workers (Executives) - Sales: 45 ,

Shopping: 140 Electricity - Sales: 25, Shopping: 70

water - Sales: 35, shop: 100

Waste - Sales: 25, shopping 80

fuel (oil) - Sales: 15, shop: 50

Office - Sales: 5, shopping: 10

Tourism - sale: 5, purchase: 10

Agriculture - sales: 10 Shopping: 30

heavy industry - sales: 5, shop: 20

production Commercial - sales: 10 Shopping: 30

high Tech - sales: 15 Shopping: 40

In addition, it is Now possible to sell surplus workers.

The ones / solo games I would ask me to give feedback, whether the values are better / worse / lighter / more difficult. But please with regard to that it is not a cheat, but the gameplay cranked up.
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