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Tags.cfg for XL

Dependency Tags.cfg for XL v2.2

Tags.cfg Dependency Mod for XL
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    cities xl dependency tags.cfg
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Game Version(s)
  1. Cities XL 2009
  2. Cities XL 2011
  3. Cities XL 2012
  4. Cities XL Platinum
Installation Pre-requiste(s)
  1. XL User Interface Mod
DO NOT USE WITH XXL!! Its for 2009, 2011, 2012 and Platinum ONLY!
And do NOT place in Paks folder!

XXL-Users please use this one instead:

Installation Instruction

Short Version:

Install UIM 1.79.9 before. Then extract this mod to your CXL-Installation Folder (NOT Paks-Folder) and overwrite previous tags.cfg.

Long Version:
1. Install the Latest User Interface Mod 1.79.9 BEFORE installing this tags.cfg ( ) if you already have, no need to redo.

2. Download the "Tags.cfg Dependency Mod - Version x.x.rar" archive

3. If you dont have it, get winrar, 7zip, winzip or a similar program (you only need one program)

4. Right click the downloaded file and select "extract to..."

Untitled 2.jpg

5. Choose your Game's DEFAULT/MAIN FOLDER (NOT Paks folder!)
For example:
C:\Program Files\Focus Home Interactive\Cities XL Platinum\
C:\Program Files\Steam\Steam Apps\common\Cities XL\

Untitled 1.jpg

6. Click "Ok"

7. Confirm the question "Replace this file?" with "YES"

Untitled 3.jpg

(if this question does not pop up, you have choosen the wrong installation folder!)

8. Done

Additional Explanation:
The archive contains the structure "data/config/tags.cfg". Means: if you extract the archive to the games default folder it should automatically place the file in correct location.
If you place the file itself manually, you need to place it in "..../cities xl/data/config/".
In both cases you need to replace previous file versions.
Also do not rename the file!

Version Explanation:

Version 1.0 contains all tags from UIM 1.79.9 and additionally all custom tags available/used by modders at 2015-09(September)-04.

You can check your current Version by opening tags.cfg with notepad or editor. Go to your Cities XL installation folder and open data/config/tags.cfg. The third line will tell you which version you have. If this line does not appear, you are using an old version from uim.
Untitled 22.jpg

Reason for another Dependency Mod:

Altiris, the creator of the User Interface Mod told me, he wont update the UIM anymore. Version 1.79.9 will stay the latest.
Because of that, new mods, requiring custom tags (like bridges) wont be able to run.
To avoid a mess and confusion with installers for these new mods, its easier to have one central dependency.

- added Style Tags for Mr.X² BigBridgePack and DummyRailBridge

- added Filter Tags from CXXL for more Compatibility

- added Tags for Monorail Mod by Altiris

- added AntiPollutionAir Tag for Altiris' alternative Parks

- fixed "Custom" tag

- added Tags for Drazicdesign's USA-Roads

- added Tags for Mr.X² Rail Bridges
(version has not been released publicly; included in V1.8)

- added Bus Stop Tag
(version has not been released publicly; included in V1.8)

- added Tags for Mr.X² Simple Cross Bridge

- added Tags for PJC's Custom Seawall

- added Tags for BerlinRailViadukt by Mr.X²

For Modders:
If you are going to create a new awesome mod for xl09-Platinum and/or XXL which requires custom tags, just let me know and i will add them.
Installation Pre-requiste(s):UIM 1.79.9 (install it BEFORE getting this tags.cfg!)​
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