• Some features and add-ons are currently not working at this moment and they should be fix within few weeks or longer


  1. TylerAustin

    Suggestion Search Results And Tag Results Improvement

    Please improve the search results and tag results by adding search tabs, search box info: Search bar and filters on search result pages! https://xenforo.com/community/threads/search-bar-and-filters-on-search-result-pages.184291/
  2. TylerAustin

    Announcment Steam Improvement with new features and changes

    Today I have gotten the developer to update the addon with new features and improvements to the steam addon with steam filters in steam games tab and Steam workshop tab. Here some screenshots you would like to see Steam Filters:
  3. TylerAustin

    Suggestion Request NEXL Railroad and Train Station Improvements

    I would like to see improvements to the train station and railway. This including new railway industry, adding train stations and more railway link to others cities in cities xxl. This also includes improvements to the extra main buttons with option.
  4. CountriesXL

    Announcment Seller dashboard now available for developers and RM Marketplace Improvements Project…

    Seller dashboard If you wanted to make some extra money by selling mods, tools and programs related with city buildings games now you can do that as long you have setup a paypal account and setup seller dashboard under resources tab Requirement(s): Must have PayPal Business Account or Stripe...
  5. CountriesXL

    Announcment Steam Improvement coming soon before Christmas or New Years

    What's New: Users will be able to login using their steam details. . Now we have three more tabs called (steam games, steam friends, steam workshop) in a users profiles. These tabs are available at user profile page. NICK97 https://cities-mods.com/index.php?members/nick97.1/#steam-workshop...