Announcment Seller dashboard now available for developers and RM Marketplace Improvements Project…

Seller dashboard

If you wanted to make some extra money by selling mods, tools and programs related with city buildings games now you can do that as long you have setup a paypal account and setup seller dashboard under resources tab


  • Must have PayPal Business Account or Stripe
  • Must be over 19 years old depending on your country
  • Must Setup your Seller Dashboard with logo, payment data and invoice.
  • Must Setup input restricted private API keys for Stripe payments (Stripe Payment Only)
  • Must Setup Verify webhook with signing secret for Stripe payments (Stripe Payment Only)
  • Every Monthly please pay your invoice as soon as possible
Note: In the future I will improve the security and requirement enforcement that’s will help with security and prevention fraud

Moved my license page and my purchased page to account area

If you have noticed I have moved my purchased and my license pages to my account area for improvements the rm marketplace project. Please note there are some improvements and features is still coming probably next year depending on the development cost.


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Showcase Video:

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