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Entertainment A Christmoose Story (2013)

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A Christmoose Story
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Title: A Christmoose Story

Genre: Family,Fantasy

Director: Lourens Blok

Cast: Derek de Lint,Jelka van Houten,Jeroen van Koningsbrugge,Arjan Ederveen,Dana Goldberg,Carla Hardy,Carla Hardy,Dennis Reinsma

Status: Released

Release: 2013-11-27

Runtime: 80

Plot: Based on the best-selling novel, A CHRISTMOOSE STORY brings to life the tale of an unlikely friendship between a young boy and a large, talking moose. Young Max has low expectations for his first Christmas after his parents’ divorce, when suddenly a large moose crashes through the roof of his garage. And if that isn’t strange enough, the moose claims to have fallen from Santa’s sleigh! But being friends with a moose isn’t all that simple. Especially since Max’s grumpy neighbor has no interest in hanging stockings for Christmas but would love to hang up a pair of moose antlers, and Santa is out there somewhere looking to get his sleigh back!

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Trailer Cast Crew Videos

    • Derek de Lint

      Sinterklaas / Santa Claus
    • Jelka van Houten

    • Jeroen van Koningsbrugge

      Moos (voice)
    • Arjan Ederveen

    • Dana Goldberg

    • Carla Hardy

    • Carla Hardy

    • Dennis Reinsma

    • Joost de Vries (Production)

    • Lourens Blok (Directing)

    • Anna Björk (Production)

    • Clea de Koning (Production)

      Executive Producer
    • Daan Bakker (Writing)

      Scenario Writer
    • A Christmoose Story - Trailer

      • Trailer
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