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Entertainment Bunyan and Babe (2017)

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Bunyan and Babe
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Title: Bunyan and Babe

Tagline: You don't have to BE BIG to do BIG THINGS.

Genre: Adventure,Animation,Comedy,Family,Fantasy

Director: Louis Ross

Cast: John Goodman,Jeff Foxworthy,Kelsey Grammer,Lola Wayne Villa,Mark Hamill,Jeremy Guskin,Dawnn Lewis,Tony Bancroft,Kay Cole,John D. Eraklis,Dorien Davies,Johnny Orlando,Peter Chew,Sandy Stone,Tom Lowell

Status: Released

Release: 2017-01-12

Runtime: 84

Plot: Travis and his sister, Whitney, visit their grandparents for the summer and fall through a magical portal which transports him to the world of American hero Paul Bunyan and his big, blue, talking ox, Babe.

Where to watch

Trailer Cast Crew Videos

    • John Goodman

      Paul Bunyan (voice)
    • Jeff Foxworthy

      Babe the Blue Ox (voice)
    • Kelsey Grammer

      The Amazing Blackstone / Norm Blandsford (voice)
    • Lola Wayne Villa

      Whitney (voice)
    • Mark Hamill

      Grandpa (voice)
    • Jeremy Guskin

      Gustav (voice)
    • Dawnn Lewis

      Maybelle (voice)
    • Tony Bancroft

      Gas Station Attendant (voice)
    • Kay Cole

      Grandma / Mom / Tourist Mom (voice)
    • John D. Eraklis

      Newscaster / Tourist Dad (voice)
    • Dorien Davies

      Iris (voice)
    • Johnny Orlando

      Travis (voice)
    • Peter Chew

      Sherriff (voice)
    • Sandy Stone

      Barber (voice)
    • Tom Lowell

      County Fair MC (voice)
    • Michael A. Nickles (Writing)

    • Julian Wall (Writing)

    • Louis Ross (Directing)

    • Trailer

      • Trailer
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