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Entertainment Jungle Cruise (2021)

Jungle Cruise
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Title: Jungle Cruise

Tagline: The myth is real.

Genre: Action,Adventure,Fantasy

Director: Jaume Collet-Serra

Cast: Dwayne Johnson,Emily Blunt,Edgar Ramírez,Jack Whitehall,Jesse Plemons,Paul Giamatti,Veronica Falcón,Dani Rovira,Quim Gutiérrez,Dan Dargan Carter,Andy Nyman,Raphael Alejandro,Simone Lockhart,Pedro Lopez,Sulem Calderon,Sebastian Blunt,Mark Ashworth,Allan Poppleton,Caroline Paige,James Quattrochi,Stephen Dunlevy,Philipp Maximilian,Romualdo Castillo,Pedro Haro,Christina Souza,Michael H. Cole,Hector Banos,Peter Luis Zimmerman,Travis Gomez,David Lengel,Justin Randell Brooke,Piper Collins,Keith Arthur Bolden,Marcus Young

Status: Released

Release: 2021-07-28

Runtime: 127

Plot: Dr. Lily Houghton enlists the aid of wisecracking skipper Frank Wolff to take her down the Amazon in his dilapidated boat. Together, they search for an ancient tree that holds the power to heal – a discovery that will change the future of medicine.

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Trailer Cast Crew Videos

    • Dwayne Johnson

      Frank Wolff
    • Emily Blunt

      Dr. Lily Houghton
    • Edgar Ramírez

      Lope de Aguirre
    • Jack Whitehall

      McGregor Houghton
    • Jesse Plemons

      Prince Joachim
    • Paul Giamatti

    • Veronica Falcón

      Trader Sam
    • Dani Rovira

    • Quim Gutiérrez

    • Dan Dargan Carter

    • Andy Nyman

      Sir James Hobbs-Coddington
    • Raphael Alejandro

    • Simone Lockhart

    • Pedro López

    • Sulem Calderon

    • Sebastian Blunt

      Society Guard
    • Mark Ashworth

      Society Member 1
    • Allan Poppleton

      Society Worker
    • Caroline Paige

      Kid Tourist
    • James Quattrochi

      Italian Tourist
    • Stephen Dunlevy

    • Philipp Maximilian

    • Romualdo Castillo

      Animal Vendor
    • Pedro Haro

      Bird Vendor
    • Christina Souza

    • Michael H. Cole

      Bus Conductor
    • Hector Banos

      Puka Michuna Warrior
    • Peter Luis Zimmerman

      Puka Michuna Warrior
    • Travis Gomez

      Puka Michuna Warrior
    • David Lengel

      Boat Tourist
    • Dan O'Connell (Sound)

      Foley Artist
    • Amber Kirsch (Visual Effects)

      Visual Effects Producer
    • Stuart Welch (Sound)

      ADR Recordist
    • Margaret Hungerford (Art)

      Assistant Set Decoration
    • Dean Wolcott (Art)

      Art Direction
    • Aida Scuffle (Costume & Make-Up)

      Makeup Artist
    • Stephane Paris (Visual Effects)

      Visual Effects Supervisor
    • Mary Vernieu (Production)

      Casting Director
    • David Lazan (Art)

      Supervising Art Director
    • Allan Poppleton (Crew)

      Stunt Coordinator
    • Robert Jackson (Sound)

      Dialogue Editor
    • Malte Bieler (Sound)

      Sound Editor
    • John Fox (Production)

    • Michael Furniss (Visual Effects)

      Visual Effects
    • Ron Bartlett (Sound)

      Sound Re-Recording Mixer
    • Tim McGovern (Crew)

      Digital Effects Supervisor
    • Joe Howes (Visual Effects)

      Visual Effects
    • John Marquis (Sound)

      Sound Designer
    • David Gullman (Visual Effects)

      Visual Effects Coordinator
    • Ralph Osborn (Sound)

      Dialogue Editor
    • Jason Oliver (Sound)

      ADR Mixer
    • Thomas Robinson Harper (Crew)

    • André Freitas (Costume & Make-Up)

      Makeup Artist
    • Beau Flynn (Production)

    • Adruitha Lee (Costume & Make-Up)

      Hair Department Head
    • Nic Pallace (Art)

      Art Direction
    • Victor Mercader (Sound)

      Sound Editor
    • Joel Erickson (Sound)

      ADR Supervisor
    • Brandon Jones (Sound)

      Sound Designer
    • Christopher Downs (Visual Effects)

      Visual Effects Supervisor
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