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Entertainment Luigi's Mansion: A Nintendo Fan Film (2023)

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Title: Luigi's Mansion

Tagline: Mario... Where Are You?

Genre: Adventure,Fantasy,Family,Action

Director: JT Wight

Cast: Gavin Ward,Greyson Ward,Sawyer Ward,Blane Craig,Levi Wight

Status: In Production

Release: 2023-05-01

Runtime: 60

Plot: After arriving at his mysterious new mansion he won in a contest he never entered, Luigi discovers that it's no ordinary mansion. He learns that the mansion is infested with ghosts and that his brother is trapped inside! With the help of professor E. Gadd Luigi must brave the terrors of the mansion to save his brother and prevent the reawakening of the evil King Boo.

Trailer Cast Crew Videos

    • Gavin Ward

      Luigi Mario
    • Greyson Ward

      Mario Mario
    • Sawyer Ward

      Professor E. Gadd Understudy
    • Blane Craig

      King Boo
    • Levi Wight

      Professor E. Gadd
    • JT Wight (Writing)

    • Gavin Ward (Writing)

    • I’m Making a Luigi’s Mansion Fan Film!!!

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    • Luigi’s Mansion (2023) - The Map

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