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Entertainment Rise of the Guardians (2012)

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Rise of the Guardians
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Title: Rise of the Guardians

Tagline: You better believe.

Genre: Family,Animation,Fantasy,Action,Adventure

Director: Peter Ramsey

Cast: Chris Pine,Alec Baldwin,Jude Law,Isla Fisher,Hugh Jackman,Dakota Goyo,Isabella Blake-Thomas,Jacob Bertrand,Khamani Griffin,Kamil McFadden,Georgie Grieve,Emily Nordwind,Olivia Mattingly,Dominique Grund,April Lawrence,Ryan Crego,George Anthony Anisimow,Peter Ramsey,Stuart Allan,Rich Dietl

Status: Released

Release: 2012-11-21

Runtime: 97

Plot: When an evil spirit known as Pitch lays down the gauntlet to take over the world, the immortal Guardians must join forces for the first time to protect the hopes, beliefs and imagination of children all over the world.

Production companies

Trailer Cast Crew Videos

    • Chris Pine

      Jack Frost (voice)
    • Alec Baldwin

      North (voice)
    • Jude Law

      Pitch (voice)
    • Will Arnett

      Sandman (voice)
    • Isla Fisher

      Tooth (voice)
    • Hugh Jackman

      E. Aster Bunnymund (voice)
    • Dakota Goyo

      Jamie (voice)
    • Isabella Blake-Thomas

      British Girl (voice)
    • Jacob Bertrand

      Monty (voice)
    • Khamani Griffin

      Caleb (voice)
    • Kamil McFadden

      Claude (voice)
    • Georgie Grieve

      Sophie Bennett (voice)
    • Emily Nordwind

      Jamie's Mom / Jack's Mother (voice)
    • Olivia Mattingly

      Pippa / Jack's Sister (voice)
    • Dominique Grund

      Cupcake (voice)
    • April Lawrence

      Burgess Pedestrian (voice)
    • Ryan Crego

      Burgess Dog Walker (voice)
    • George Anthony Anisimow

      Child (voice)
    • Peter Ramsey

      Burgess Pedestrian #2 (voice)
    • Stuart Allan

      British Boy (voice)
    • Rich Dietl

      Yeti (voice)
    • Alexandre Desplat (Sound)

    • Guillermo del Toro (Production)

      Executive Producer
    • Leslee Feldman (Production)

    • Roland N. Thai (Sound)

      Sound Effects Editor
    • David Lindsay-Abaire (Writing)

    • Christina Steinberg (Production)

    • Michael Siegel (Production)

      Executive Producer
    • Conrad Pope (Sound)

    • Cameron Stevning (Production)

      Associate Producer
    • David C. Lawson (Lighting)

      Lighting Supervisor
    • Kevin Andrus (Visual Effects)

    • Chris Bancroft (Visual Effects)

    • C.K. Horness (Editing)

      Associate Editor
    • William Joyce (Writing)

    • Joyce Arrastia (Editing)

    • Dale Carman (Crew)

    • James Beshears (Production)

      Executive In Charge Of Post Production
    • Peter Ramsey (Directing)

    • Liza Seneca (Production)

      ADR Voice Casting
    • Barbara Harris (Production)

      ADR Voice Casting
    • Michael Allen (Sound)

      Original Music Composer
    • Nancy Bernstein (Production)

    • Samantha Finkler (Production)

      Production Coordinator
    • Spencer Filichia (Production)

      Production Supervisor
    • John Roesch (Sound)

    • Tim Watts (Visual Effects)

    • Pierre Perifel (Visual Effects)

      Lead Animator
    • Julien Bocabeille (Visual Effects)

    • Vivek 'Vic' Sharma (Editing)

      First Assistant Editor
    • Andy Nelson (Sound)

      Sound Re-Recording Mixer
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