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Entertainment Spirit Halloween: The Movie (2022)

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Spirit Halloween: The Movie
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Title: Spirit Halloween: The Movie

Tagline: Terror begins after hours.

Genre: Adventure,Family,Horror,Fantasy,Mystery

Director: David Poag

Cast: Christopher Lloyd,Rachael Leigh Cook,Donovan Colan,Dylan Martin Frankel,Jaiden J. Smith,Marissa Reyes,Marla Gibbs,Billie Roy

Status: Released

Release: 2022-09-30

Runtime: 87

Plot: A group of middle schoolers discover a Spirit Halloween store is haunted and must survive the night.

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Trailer Cast Crew Videos

    • Christopher Lloyd

      Alex Windsor
    • Rachael Leigh Cook

    • Donovan Colan

    • Dylan Martin Frankel

    • Jaiden J. Smith

    • Marissa Reyes

    • Marla Gibbs

      Grandma G
    • Noor Ahmed (Production)

    • Peter Bevan (Production)

      Executive Producer
    • Clay Epstein (Production)

      Executive Producer
    • Shannon Houchins (Production)

    • Mariana Sanjurjo (Production)

      Executive Producer
    • David Poag (Directing)

    • Billie Bates (Writing)

    • Teaser Trailer

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    • Spirit Halloween: The Movie | Official Trailer | Horror Brains

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    • Official Trailer

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    • Something's Coming

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    • Now Streaming

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    • The Reveal

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    • Can't Trick Or Treat Forever

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    • Looking For The Boys

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    • Possessed Bear

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    • Setting Up Mystery

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