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Entertainment The Magic Kids: Three Unlikely Heroes (2020)

The Magic Kids: Three Unlikely Heroes (2020)
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Title: The Magic Kids: Three Unlikely Heroes (2020)

Genre: Adventure, Family, Fantasy

Director: Tim Trageser

Cast: Arsseni Bultmann, Aaron Kissiov, Johanna Schraml, Axel Stein, Sonja Gerhardt, Christian Berkel, Waldemar Kobus, Julia Koschitz, Rick Kavanian, Hilmi Sözer, Hans-Jochen Wagner, Nicole Heesters, Arved Friese, Butz Ulrich Buse, Sanne Schnapp, Valentin Oppermann

Release: 2020-01-23

Runtime: 97

Plot: Vlad has just moved and joined one of the most famous magical schools in the world, where he meets fairies, witches, trolls and dwarfs. Him and his father are the first vampires in town, but he soon meets other special kids.

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Cast Crew

    • Arsseni Bultmann

    • Aaron Kissiov

    • Johanna Schraml

    • Axel Stein

    • Sonja Gerhardt

      Frau Circemeyer
    • Christian Berkel

      Louis Ziffer
    • Waldemar Kobus

    • Julia Koschitz

    • Rick Kavanian

    • Hilmi Sözer

      Wachtmeister Schnappauf
    • Hans-Jochen Wagner

      Herr Wermann
    • Nicole Heesters

      Direktorin Penner
    • Arved Friese

      Michael 'Hackfresse'
    • Butz Ulrich Buse

    • Sanne Schnapp

      Frau Wermann
    • Valentin Oppermann

      Jürgen 'Pickelgesicht'
    • Tim Trageser (Directing)

    • Wolfgang Hohlbein (Writing)

    • Marc Hillefeld (Writing)

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